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Beulah is making some short videos which are part of a film project called Songlines into Sunshine, telling the story of the local dispossession of the First People. These will be published on our Youtube channel Beulah_conversations which will also include other videos we have made over the last 10 years including Buderim - An Indigenous and Islander History, and a film of the Sorry Service held at St Marks in 2009.

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Nicky and Lyndon Davis are descended from local first settlers and local traditional custodians respectively. They work tirelessly for reconciliation by truth-telling about the local history and by promoting knowledge of First People's culture. Nicky spoke at an event organized by Beulah Community at Cooran in 2017. She tells her family stories and reflects on current issues arising from the local dispossession of the First People.

Beulah Community organized a fuel reduction, ecological, cultural and spiritual burn with the Ilkey Rural Fire Brigade and local traditional elder Uncie Tias K'Reala Randanpi. The film is made by Michael Craft (a director of Beulah Community).

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