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The First People & Islander Memorial

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Since 2013 we have had regular events to commemorate the Frontier Wars on Anzac Day. 

In 2015 Beulah had a Centenary of Anzac Grant to create a War Memorials for First People and Islander service people. Between the two stone memorials there is a row of white crosses with each cross labelled for an Australian overseas military engagement. First People and Islanders served in all of these conflicts. Because of our practice of including the Frontier Wars in our Anzac Day events, the plaque on the First People's memorial is dedicated to the First People who defended their country. 


The War Memorial has now been completed by adding a row of posts commemorating the Frontier Wars. This is a row of posts decorated by local First People artists including a statue of Dundalli, a local warrior, lawman, and resistance leader. The row of posts are linked with barbed wire on which is hung various settler artifacts from the property.  It is a symbol of the dispossession.

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